Helpful information when ordering personalised Memorial Cards

We understand that doing things like this can be a daunting and very personal process after a loved one passes. Thats why we will take the time and care to make sure we get the design and message right for you on your cards. Here are some tips to help guide you when ordering memorial cards and also some other helpful information about our cards and our service. And of course if you have any other queries at all, please just ask us.



The Memorial Card will usually include details of the person’s life and other people’s memories of the person.

Customised Memorial Cards can include multiple photographs, personal messages, and even artwork that symbolises the life and passions of your loved one. Customised memorial cards allow you to create a truly unique and personalised tribute.

They usually include a photograph of the deceased person with their name, date of birth and death, along with either one or two meaningful verses, prayers, poems, song lyrics or anything else that you determine personal that you would like on the card to for people to remember them by. Something special that reflects who the person was. On the Front of the card there will usually be a memorable phrase eg. In Loving Memory, Rest in Peace, Precious Memories. We have a good selection of popular phrases to choose from when you place your order.

Regarding the best time to send out your memoriam cards, it is really up to you when you feel most comfortable to do this. While there is no specified time that memorial cards are sent out, quite a lot of people send them out around 1-4 weeks after the funeral or around the time of the months mind.



Personalising memorial cards allows you to create a tribute that truly reflects your loved one’s unique journey. Once we receive your Order Details informing us of your selected wording and imagery, we will then professionally design your card and send you a design proof for your approval by email before we proceed to printing. You can make changes to the design at this stage if you wish or if you are happy you can approve the design to proceed to printing.



Traditionally through the years, memorial cards have usually always included some kind of religious wording and/or imagery, being very common place for those of a Catholic religion. This could be religious verses or prayers and illustrations of Saints and religious depictions.

In more recent times and particularly with younger people, you may find that they don’t wish to practice a religion as such. They may not attend chapel / church and may even be an atheist. Of course there is no problem with that when getting memorial cards made, because at the end of the day, these keepsakes are created in loving memory of a loved one who has passed. That means remembering them in any way you wish to, it does not have to include any religious connotation if you do not want it to.

Also, if your loved one did not practice any religion you can include other wording and imagery that would be close to their heart instead. This might be a favourite scenic place or holiday destination. A sport they loved to play, their love of animals or even nature. Including something they loved to do is a great way to honour their memory. The best you can do is to remember them how they were and how they would like to be remembered by others. Don’t feel pressure to make the memorial cards religious if you know that is not what the deceased would have wanted.


  1. Folded Card – (4 Panels, each page size W 74mm x H 105mm)
  2. Wallet Card – (2 Panels, W 85mm x H 55mm)
  3. Bookmark – (2 Panels, W 55mm x H 180mm)

The Folded Memorial Card option (also known as a Double Memoriam Card) is the most popular choice as it will give you almost four times the amount of space compared to the Wallet size, to include all the information you should desire.



We print our Memorial Cards on a Premium Silk 350gsm Heavyweight Card so that they fold nicely. Our Wallet Cards and Bookmarks are printed on a slightly thicker 400gsm Premium Silk Heavyweight Card as they are flat.

Importantly, they are always professionally laminated after they are printed for the purpose of protecting the card from scratching and discolouration as they will most likely be kept and handled for many years to come. The memorial card lamination can either be a Gloss shine or Matt finish, down to your own personal preference. Gloss is our most popular lamination finish.



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